In Europe They Are Anxious to Get Rid of Israel

In Ireland, taking the name of Israel means becoming a war criminal. A popular Dublin restaurant, The Exchequer, no longer stocks Israeli goods. In the Irish town of Kinvara, retailers, restaurants and pharmacies operate a boycott of Israeli goods. The leading Irish supermarket chain SuperValu removed the Israeli carrots from its shelves. And I have mentioned just a few examples of the new Irish anti-Semitism.

“Europe easily “forgot” that the Israelis are Jews. And endangered Jews.”

It is the same everywhere in Europe: Israel is disappearing from European shelves. Practically and symbolically. The material cancellation of Israeli goods from Europe’s shelves anticipates Israel’s physical suppression.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Well sort of. They’re anxious to complete the Holocaust. They got close with Hitler. Then Europe outsourced it to the Arabs, who, being Arabs are disorganized retards for the most part. So they haven’t been very successful. But in Europe, hope springs eternal and they’re taking back at least that part of the pogrom they have control over – the Jews who still live IN Europe. Get rid of them by any means possible. Then when Europe has been ethnically cleansed of Jews, Europe will declare the happy successful completion of a 2,000 dream.

  • Waffle

    Does this mean that they are going to “cleanse” themselves of Israeli computer components and pharmaceutical/medical innovations? Just wondering. . .

    • Pete_Brewster

      I’ve wondered myself how long the Jews are supposed to give gifts to ungrateful Gentiles.

  • The myopic Europeans have confused their friends and foes. And the Europeans have imported 50 million Muslims, and thrown the Jews under the bus.

    The start of the Euro Islamic civil war is on the event horizon.

    The Jews who get out of Europe will be the lucky ones.

  • Pete_Brewster

    Look. For the Teigs that’s par for the course. Rome Rule just made it more obvious. They’re just like their beloved Palis—lazy, stupid, violent, spiteful, malicious, ungrateful, no problems they didn’t bring on themselves, never a clue when they’re well off—and anti-Semitic to the bone long after the Church of Rome decided it was no longer in good taste to preach Jew-hatred in public. For the Teigs giving up the pretense of Christianity would actually be an improvement—at least arselifters don’t get drunk twice a week.

    Everything that went wrong in Israel was foretold in Ireland, including the two state non-solution and how killing treason and barbarity with kindness doesn’t work half as well as killing it with live ammunition. Had Britain had succeeded in suppressing the Church of Rome and expelling the Teigs when the opportunity arose, Ireland would be united, Protestant and a far freer, richer and happier place than it is as a German colony.

    Fools learn from their mistakes, the wise from the mistakes of others. Israel will expel her Arabs and suppress Islam without mercy, or Israel’s Jews will not survive much longer than the Protestants of the Irish Free State.

  • Just a thought

    Hitler redirected transport trains away from the Nazi war effort thereby jeopardizing it, in order to get more Jews to the extermination centers (Vernichtungslager). It sounds like Europe as a whole hasn’t learned from his mistakes, and puts it’s hatred of Jews above it’s own best interests. Oh, well.

  • Martin B

    “The leading Irish supermarket chain SuperValu removed the Israeli carrots from its shelves”

    Banish the Zionist vegetables and their evil deliciousness! This is so pathetic, so hysterical…I’m running out of words in my thesaurus.

  • Maggat

    Thanks for that information, henceforth I will ban any and all purchases of anything Irish.

  • Jay Currie

    Israel is a trading nation and if the silly Euros don’t want their stuff there are plenty of other, less anti-semitic countries which will welcome that stuff and pay well for it. Israel needs to recognize that Europe is going to go through a decade or two of lunacy until it rids itself of its imported Safalist problem. The Germans are at the very beginning of that process. It will take a while. Meanwhile Israel needs to develop markets and alliances in other places.

  • marty_p

    The Jews in Israel have a front row seat to watch the implosion of Europe as the Mo’s complete their stealth conquest.
    For Ireland’s sake I hope they do a complete boycott of Israeli products – and Israeli products includes technology and innovation….so no cellphones, no thumbdrives, no generic pharmaceuticals, no Microsoft software and no Intel computer processors (so no Mac computers either).

  • Petrilla

    The Irish who are doing this, in Dublin, or in small towns should be ashamed of themselves, their racism toward Jews and their blatent stupidity. Don’t shop there anymore, if you ever did, to which I will add what in the hell are you thinking? I am glad my ancesters came to the New World, so as not to be caught in this Old World sheit behaviour. You do realize what side you have put yourselves on, don’t you?

    • Pete_Brewster

      The Protestant Irish stand with Israel.

      The Catholic Irish will fall with Amalek.