Hostages Taken In Sydney Australia Cafe Forced To Show Jihadi Flag

Unbelievable: NSW police commissioner Andrew Scipione on the flag that was put up in the window of the cafe:
Again, it’s a flag that we’ve had people looking at. We’re trying to work out what it stands for but at this stage it’s probably best that I don’t take that any further. We’re working with our partner agencies to better determine what it is we’re dealing with there.

Scipione says there is no confirmation the siege is related to terrorism.

Muslim Hostage Taker SydneyAll kinds of reports coming in 13 hostages, multiple gunmen. Hostage taker appears to be a Baptist – I can tell by the Headband!

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I can’t believe this ass

LIVE Radio feed The Ray Hadley Morning Show – Show host says Muslim terror bastards want to talk to Aussie PM live on this show.

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AT LEAST one armed man is holding several people hostage at a cafe in Martin Place in Sydney.

There are hostages standing with their hands up at the windows in the popular Lindt chocolate shop, which has two or three entrances. There is also a black and white flag being held up in a window. It is believed to be the Black Standard, a jihadist flag.