First-grader: “It makes me sad, angry and upset that there isn’t a girl on the box.”

If a 6-year-old girl can understand sexism, why is it so hard for adults to catch on?

Elizabeth is a first-grader from Florida. She’s only 6 years old. According to her mom, Jackie, she loves everything from princesses to LEGOs to Star Wars. While shopping for a gift for her cousin, Elizabeth came across the Disney’s Planes: Fire & Rescue! toys.

“Mommy, why aren’t there any girl characters on the box?” she asked at the store. “Lil’ Dipper and the girl plane are really important in the story. They should have their own toys too! I don’t even know why Mayday is on the box. He did nothing compared to them!”…

Like other cases of this nature, I strongly doubt that a six-year-old would say this without coaching. It is indoctrination, if not exploitation.