Extremism only one factor affecting Muslim integration

“A large number of Muslim immigrants come from the Middle East and the Indian subcontinent, regions particularly prone to and damaged by long-term conflicts,” Kazemipur says.

“This has a two-fold effect on Muslim immigrants. First, it has made the seeking of a peaceful environment an important reason for their migration to Canada …. Second, people in the sending regions tend to hold a negative view of Western countries, perceiving them as at least partly responsible for the problems and sufferings of those in the Muslim world.”

Then go back to Batshitcrazyistan.

  • ontario john

    And of course we have the Sunday Islamic Star reporting today that the islamic Liberal party at its meeting of candidates that the party will be concentrating on new immigrants for the next election. So expect more “Nothing to do with Islam” rants from all three parties and calls for more immigration from Pakistan.

  • Sometimes you have to look at he bigger picture to see what is going on.

    Yes there are pleasant Muslims. (There were also plenty of pleasant Nazis.) But the some-total of Islam is a destructive force.

    Islam started in one place 1,400 years ago. Since its inception it has spread like a cancer to include over 20% of mankind.

    No place where Islam rules has a robust civil society. Everyplace where Islam rules suffers from bad governance, misogyny, bigotry towards non-Muslims and horrible violence.

    To make matters worse, any Muslim who criticizes, tries to change, or tries to leave Islam has to worry about being killed by fellow Muslims. (This fact alone makes Islam a cult.)

    Importing Muslims is a fools game played by myopic liberals drunk on multiculturalism.

  • Just a thought

    They come here to escape tyranny, and then waste no time laying the foundations for a repeat of the failures they pretend to be escaping. And Lefties can’t spot the problem, because it’s one they share.