Crybaby jihadists: Aussie militants call for help

Disillusioned recruits who joined the Islamic State terrorist group have sought assistance from the Australian Government to leave the conflict zone in Syria and Iraq.

A handful of young men who took up arms with IS to fight for an Islamic caliphate across the region have, either directly or through their families at home, contacted Australian authorities for help.

It is believed up to a dozen Australians, most of whom flew to Syria to join militants fighting the al-Assad regime, found themselves in limbo after laying down their weapons but fearing they would be arrested under tougher counterterrorism laws if they ­returned to Australia.

The men, including two from Queensland and several from other states, claim they were duped into fighting with terror groups after IS took ­control of a range of militant outfits. Many foreign recruits have been dragooned into the IS rampage against Shi’ite ­Muslims after arriving to fight Syrian forces…