Black children’s aid society needed, lawyers say

The “alarming” numbers of black children in foster and group home care mean the African Canadian community needs its own children’s aid society, say leaders in Toronto’s black community.

“We have seen this successfully implemented in other communities,” said Anthony Morgan of the African Canadian Legal Clinic, noting there are already children’s aid societies serving Ontario’s Jewish, Catholic and aboriginal families.

The clinic has set up a working group of academics, social workers and community members to study the issue, he added.

The legal clinic was reacting to a Star story that showed 41 per cent of children in the care of the Children’s Aid Society of Toronto are black. Just 8 per cent of the city’s population under age 18 are black.

The Elephants in the room…

Elephant One – Pic – From this studyLone-parent status among Ethnic Groups in Canada

“About 27% of all census family members of Black visible minority backgrounds reported lone-parent status in 2006.” – In Canada

Elephant Two –  Welfare rates rise in Ontario and drop everywhere else over last four decades, new study says

Elephant Three – “Males born into low-income single-parent headed households – which, in the vast majority of cases are female-headed households – appear to fare particularly poorly on numerous social and educational outcomes,”  It’s not just that the girls are outperforming them. It’s that the boys are doing worse.”


I note the comments on the article are very un-Star friendly…