The Second Wives Club: New Matchmaking Site for Muslim Polygamists

When the Observer first logged on, it looked like a standard online dating site: Women’s profiles, each with a non-identifying username, lined the page; we could filter prospects by age, location, appearance and interests.

But this wasn’t OkCupid,, or even adultery marketplace Ashley Madison. This was, a matchmaking site that enables Muslim men to search for second, third, or fourth wives (the Islamic limit). On the flip side, women can search profiles if they hope to become an extra wife.

h/t TROP

  • minuteman

    I remember reading about a poll conducted on polygamy among muslim women in England and the vast majority of them supported it. There are only a few rich and powerful men and most women would apparently rather be the second or third or fourth wife of a rich powerful man than have some poor schmuck all to themselves.

    • Jason

      I wonder if that is at least partly a reflection of the weak position of women in Islamic society? I don’t suppose those wealthy, powerful men would be too keen on women becoming wealthy and powerful – they need them dependent.

      • minuteman

        No, I just think it is the nature of women. Even if women have their own money, they tend to be attracted to men who have even more. In our modern world were there are now some “house husbands” who are supported financially by women, the chances of those men remaining married if a man with a job comes along are slim to nil.
        Men are attracted to youth and beauty, women are attracted to wealth and power. It has always been thus. This is one of the reasons why we have so many problems in the relations between men and women. Male CEOs have always been happy to marry their secretaries, doctors were happy to marry nurses. But now the CEOs and doctors are women, and women are not prepared to marry down like that. With more women in university than men, women are complaining that there are no good men for them to marry. What they mean is there are a shortage of men who have a higher social status than they do. This was not a problem when most of the highly educated were men because they didn’t need to marry “up”, only young and pretty.
        In our society we have go to the point were the women just don’t bother getting married at all because the men aren’t good enough for them. I am sure that if marriage was still an expectation they would be good with polygamy as well. In reality we have informal polygamy because the alpha males in our society “date” many women at the same time and a lot of men get no female attention at all. So really not that different.

        • Some feminist is going to call the PC police on you. You can’t say the truth.

          At the same time the feminist will back the Muslim right to their own cultural practices. Of course it is only fair.

    • Sean

      Coming soon to white women as well. They’d rather be second fiddle to Alpha than to have to wake up to Beta every day.

  • halal and watch out

    Halal as a concept only exists because of Sharia Law. If there was no Islamic Sharia Law there would be no such thing as halal. “Halal” is simply a word that means lawful or permissible. There is no problem with Muslims eating halal food in this or any other country. The problem with halal certification is that producers pay fees to claim a product is “halal”.

    It is both amusing and frustrating when we hear companies and Muslims alike trying to convince us halal certification is not about Sharia Law, or that the money raised is not about promoting Islam in Australia.

    Have a look at the constitution of Supreme Islamic Council of Halal Meat on Australia (S.I.C.H.M.A)

    Under point 2 titled “Objects of the Organisation” it states: “The Organisation shall be a non-profit RELIGIOUS organisation DEDICATED to the PROMOTION of the Islamic religion, culture and principles.” Their words, not mine (although I capitalised some to make a point).

    It goes on to state that the objectives are to prepare halal meat “strictly to Islamic Sharia”.

    The Islamic Council of Queensland confirms this by stating: “Islam is not a mere religion. It is a way of life with rules and manners governing every facet of life. Since food is an important part of daily life, food laws carry a special significance.” They also spell out that the concept of halal in Islam has very specific motives. Among them is to preserve the purity of the (Islamic) religion.

    Under sub-headings of the S.C.H.I.M.A Constitution it says the resources, in other words profits, will be used, “to unify Muslims of Australia from diverse backgrounds for the cause of Islamic dawah”. This basically means they will fund activities that preach and proselytise for the purpose of gaining converts to Islam.

    Directly under that it says the profits made from halal certifying of meat will be used to “implement a system of Islamic education”. This means schools for Muslims where they are taught Sharia Law.

    S.C.H.I.M.A is not alone in these objectives. The Islamic Council of WA uses its profits to make, “…ongoing donations to Syria. Because of the difficult civil conditions, the donations were made through “Al Imdaad” charity, to ensure that no recriminations could be directed at ICWA”. What recriminations could there be?

    Australia Halal Food Services states on its website, “….the money raised goes to nurturing and educating Muslim minds”.

    Halal Australia is a little more vague when it says the profits go toward, “our obligation to serve the community within social, educational and charitable activities”. I think we can assume that means Islamic education and charities.

    It is time people woke up. Australia is a free country and Muslims should be able to eat halal food. Our objection is having it imposed on us and being required to fund it!

    And for those who want to jump up and down and start name calling, I will include a comment posted by a supporter on our facebook page, it is absolutely spot on!

    “If I choose to purchase an Australian product instead of a Chinese product, no media will call me a bully or a racist. If I choose a local product over an interstate product, no media will call me a bigot. If I choose cruelty-free over factory-farming, no media will write an article calling me intolerant. I’m free to read labels and make a choice. But when I choose not to fund the halal industry, I’m a bully, a racist, a bigot etc, etc, etc. My money, my choice? Only when it suits the media.”

    So where is the money coming from to preach and promote Islam? Your grocery purchases, that’s where.

    Where is the money coming from to build more Islamic schools in Australia? Your Christmas turkey and this weekend’s BBQ meat.

    How are Islamic “charities” being funded? With your breakfast cereals, chocolate bars, bread, milk, cosmetics etc… and where exactly does that money get distributed?

    Seriously friends, is it really the role of the Australian family to fund and advance the doctrine of Islam with their everyday grocery purchases?


  • winniec

    ‘Deal justly’? Whatever that means. Nonie Darwish has said that monogamy is the greatest gift to women of Western civilization.

  • Jason

    Polygamy never seems to be symmetric in terns of the power balance between the genders – women don’t seem to get (not in islam certainly) the option of multiple husbands so it becomes a male privilege thing. Additionally, it is not good for society in a strictly practical sense.

    There is a roughly one to one ratio of women to men in society (whether allah likes it or not). So if a small group of powerful men have multiple spouses, this automatically creates another group, one of (probably) young men unable to find girlfriends or wives (because they’re “taken”). These fellows are likely to be rather frustrated about that and in turn resentful of the powerful group. This hardly makes for social harmony.

    • Frau Katze

      Lots of violence in these tribal/clan societies where this goes on. Read Pakistani English-language papers. Jealousy is common. Others are tribe reasons and the man might be killed too.

      • Jason

        I think also of that Mormon sect out in BC. I’ve heard that many, maybe most of the young men just get tossed out of their little communities, since they’re threats to the older, powerful men with multiple wives, and the community has no use for them.

  • marty_p
    • Frau Katze

      Well that’s a possibility! No doubts the goats are happy….not as much “affection.”

      • JoKeR