Sydney Sea levels rising at just 6.5cm per century. Peak-panic is behind us.

unnamedIn The Australian Bob Carter compares the long term tide gauge record in Sydney with projections, and exposes the exorbitant cost of insurance for alarmist sea level forecasts. The good news is that it appears councils are waking up, and “peak-sea-level-panic” is behind us.

Sea-level alarmism has passed high tide and is at last declining. With luck, empirical sanity will soon prevail over modelling.

After years of research it turns out that talking about “global” sea level rise is nearly meaningless to real people who live in one place. The ocean rise varies locally from beach to beach from as little as 5cm per century to as much as 16cm per century. The variations are mostly due to different rates of land subsiding or rising.

More importantly, the rate of rise was either the same or was even faster before World War II when CO2 levels were “safe”…

  • Cascadian

    It’s a damn shame John Daly never lived to see this, he was one of the early scientists from Australia to refute the craziness of global warming.
    His archived site is still worth reading.

    • Brett_McS

      Too true. He was a lone voice in the wilderness for a long time.

  • JoKeR

    If you want to live and don’t want to see ocean levels rise by 10 metres send all your money to all the environmental groups like former Toronto mayor David Miller’s World Wildlife Fund.
    Would an environMENTAList ever lie? Send all your money today!

  • Linda1000

    What about the Arctic ice melting or the Antarctica. The Maldives will drown. There was recently some new high-tech ice mapping done for the south pole and the ice is actually about double or triple the thickness than previously recorded.

    • ntt1

      They keep showing a stretch of roadway in the Charlottes, that gets washed out every ten years or so as it is built on a beach and is subject to storm surges,it has been happening since it was bull dozed in ,in the 40s. the other greenie lie is the shot of water gurgling up into a coral lagoon as if it was a bath tub filling up, it is in a way but it is a tidal event that is totally common with coral reef substructures.later on the water drains out the same way.