Returning Swiss IS Jihadist Gets Community Service

Swiss authorities have decided to let returning an Islamic State jihadist back into Switzerland with a slap on the wrist.

The threat posed by returning jihadists has deeply concerned Western intelligence and law-enforcement agencies due to worries they may launch terror attacks in their home countries.

Just last week, France’s Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve warned that the threat of an attack by returning jihadists was real and that Europeans needed to mobilize against it.

In France, “there are operations, arrests …every day to avoid it happening,” he said.,” Cazeneuve said after a meeting with of European Union (EU) interior ministers in Brussels to discuss the jihadist threat.

Which is interesting given the message the message a Swiss Jihadi sent home…

“For each ball, one enemi OF Allah, A Lethal Weapon Who scares Kafirs, This is an Explosive Belt”

swiss terrorist jihadi bomb belt