Michael Savage: Nation’s cops should go on strike

The radio show host says “law enforcement is as being “picked on by [Obama’s] racist administration,” which he accused of siding with violent protesters angry about two recent grand jury decisions.

“Only when the rioters run up the hills of Berkeley,” Savage said, “and invade the homes of the white liberal professors who are egging them on will you see societal change for the better.”


  • Clausewitz

    The problem with the Cops going on strike is that Obama would just use It as an excuse to implement his “citizen’s” militia with powers as great as or better than the military. Wasn’t this part of his platform back in 2007? Then the ongoing coup would be complete.

  • Dennis Mahon

    After the Boston Police Strike (and subsequent riots) of 1919, every police union (that I’m aware of….) in the US adopted a no-strike clause in their municipal contracts. A police union that allowed a strike would have it’s members rounded up & arrested right alongside the rioters.

    • barryjr

      Who would round them up if they were on strike?

      • G

        Perhaps they will pull a “FIDO” strike. (Fuck It – Drive ON)
        Show up for work but don’t do anything.
        Or “Blue Flu” everybody calls in sick.

        ARREST them for not working very hard or for being sick? Don’t think so.

      • Dennis Mahon

        Whatever Federal troops deployed by the government.

    • Gotterdammerung141

      Any union that can’t strike might as well not exist. Also any organization paid for by the taxpayers, who aren’t allowed to sit at the negotiating table, or withhold payment, should not be allowed a union period.

  • Pete_Brewster

    By the time it comes to that the white liberal professors will be long gone. If they didn’t have the money to avoid the consequences of their actions, they’d be a good deal more sensible.

    When South Africa gave up enforcing the law after apartheid, rich white liberals were the first to flee.

  • Bobby Woodlawn

    And when crime doesn’t escalate noticeably in 95% of the Country, everyone will realize it is a few cities that account for the majority of crime in the Country. Most places don’t need police on patrol other than for revenue.