Jian Ghomeshi Is The Canary in the Collapsing Mine of Canadian Progressiveism

…Because if Ghomeshi is a sham, then what about the sensitive, feminist, multicultural Justin Trudeau, who one day preaches “open nominations for Liberal candidates”, then the next day engages in down and dirty manipulative politics, throwing under the Liberal bus, long time Liberal candidates, in favor of his chosen people?

Trudeau, who also one day beats his breast about the injustice of missing and deceased aboriginal women and the next day, caters to certain Canadian religious groups whose radical members abuse, torture, and demean women as chattels…

  • BillyHW

    Justin Trudeau isn’t smart enough to run conspiracies. The conspiracies run him.

    • Yup he is an empty vessel filled with his advisers toxins.

  • FactsWillOut

    The CPC has introduced a bill that stops just short of price setting, the feds just approved Microsoft’s request to bring in a bunch of foreign workers, the RCMP told us that it’s better to have terrorists running loose here than in Iraq.
    Face it, the progressives run all parties.

    • Alain

      Sadly it is true with the only difference being the degree or scale. We keep being told, I know I keep being told, as the reason that Canadians will not accept true conservatism like the Americans accept.

  • ntt1

    you didn’t mention the kangaroo court convictions of two of his mps. Two men had their careers heavily impacted by unsubstantiated rumours.Is this the level of abuse awaiting all Canadian men if the boy child is elected?

  • Clausewitz

    Wow, that picture is approaching slimeball overload.

    • Frau Katze

      It doesn’t get much worse!

  • Clink9

    What a couple of Urban Pussies. Don’t know any women that like these kind of guys.

    • Gettingby

      Really, this country is full of women who, to coin a muslim saying, love to have their field plowed, and aren’t particular about who the tiller or sower are. Their tribalistic drumbeat reverberates throughout the land and echoes within the moral wastelands of government and academia. Their banshee wail, trumpeted for decades by the “24/7 mass media cabal”, has effectively emasculated a large swath of the male populous and forced real men back into the caves they crawled out of eons ago. Trudeau and Ghomeshi are the offspring of the “we are men too tribe”. Nothing they or their effeminate brethren, say or do, will ever be wrong to Momma.

      • Clink9

        True, I just don’t know any.

  • John

    Trudeau senior used to bat Margaret around in much the same way Ghomeshi beat women. remember when Maggie was spotted with a black eye?

    • Alain

      He also like to swing both ways.

  • Glenfilthie

    “…Because if Ghomeshi is a sham, then what about the sensitive, EFFIMINATE, multicultural Justin Trudeau…
    Fixed it for ya, BCF!

  • Mickey Oberman

    Trudeau is an ex actor whose only skills are to memorize what others have written and repeat the words with feigned conviction and understanding.
    Any original thoughts will not come from under his messy hair.

    • He is a poor actor at that, a stilted ham.

      • You’re not doing him justice. He is hilariously awful.

      • Gladiator

        He would never be a “ham” since that’s haram. Justin is halal all the way!

  • Gary

    Don’t forget when Justy bowed to muhammad at the pro-sharia BC Mosque that segregated women and were homophobic , he headed back to Quebec for a gay PRIDE event to assure then that HE was the person to protect their Right to be gay and free of attacks or banned form jobs and housing.
    He goes from Shia mosques to Sunni Mosques which does show he is fair and balanced with his ignorance about islam. He also pretends to be Captain Canada and will rescue us from Global Warming while living a life with a massive Carbon Footprint by his House , cars, Jet travel and a normal family that he doesn’t want for Brown people in India or Blacks in Africa because Klein, Gore, and Suzuki don’t want those people in remote areas to get Electricity to get Hospitals, schools, Fridges, purified water and all the things they have in the West.

    Below is a puppet that is void of any thoughts and will say what ever you make it say by pulling their strings , the other one had a TV show from about 1948-1963 and only 1 clown to work with.

    • Gladiator

      I would prefer the guy on the right to be the Prime Minister of Canada if the only alternative was the Canuckistani on the left!

    • Frau Katze

      He is a disaster. But I bet he might win the next election. Worse than Obama.

    • He is a two faced little coward.

    • He is a two faced little coward.

  • Alain

    These two look like they are in a state of bliss. Pardon me for suspecting the look of bliss on Trudeau’s face is from having been spanked by Ghomeshi, and of course Ghomeshi greatly enjoyed it. I am glad not to have seen this after having eaten a meal.