Government in a twist over ‘pinstriped Nazis’

Starting in the east in October and spreading to other cities, the marches led by the group Pegida (“Patriotic Europeans against the Islamisation of the West”) are having serious repercussions, with the far right misrepresenting its real agenda, Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière told ARD television on Thursday evening.

“We can already feel how the climate in Germany society is becoming more raw,” he said.

The ring leaders of the marches are not true Europeans, he stressed, but conceding that the appeal of the protests was growing for many people: “The participants include many people who are expressing their concern about the challenges of our time,” he added.

Same old crap – Tar anyone who voices concern over immigration and or Islam as a racist or Nazi.

“The ring leaders of the marches are not true Europeans” No they’re not, they’re citizens – of Germany, just as UKIP are Brits.

As I have long maintained, both in Canada and abroad the general public is well ahead of the curve regarding the threat posed by Islam and the Ponzi scheme of mass immigration.

The political class will ignore this, until it’s too late – for them.