Farage asked Enoch Powell to stand for Ukip in 1990s – And the problem is?

Having the last laugh? Enoch Powell on the campaign trail Photo: PA. Source.

Nigel Farage once pleaded with Enoch Powell to help him win a seat in Parliament.

The Ukip leader also twice asked him to stand as a candidate in the 1990s. On both occasions Mr Powell rejected the request.

Mr Farage wrote a personal letter to the former Tory right-winger asking for his support in the Eastleigh by-election in 1994, where a 29-year-old Mr Farage was making his first bid for Parliament.

Mr Farage has never hidden his admiration for Mr Powell, who became a political pariah in 1968 after railing against immigration in his ‘Rivers of Blood’ speech…

Mr Powell, who died in 1998, turned down Mr Farage’s request after giving the matter ‘very serious consideration’…