Culture of entitlement runs deep at Pan-Scam Games

This is how democracies die. We have seen this so often for so long with the Wynne/McGuinty Government it has made us numb.

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Wynne’s posturing about trying to shame Harper

  • Reader
  • mauser 98

    only bond rating agencies will stop Wynne’s lies
    up the interest rates on her criminal waste

    • DMB

      Kathleen Wynne’s ability to borrow money needs to be put to a stop as soon as possible.

      • Reader

        It has gotten so bad that in the latter half of this year the Ontario bonds issued paid yields of 2.5 to just over 4.25%.

        Even the the 10 year bonds of Spain and France are under 2% and a bankrupt country of Portugual is about 3%.

        • Waffle

          Wouldn’t it be rather foolhardy to reach for the yields of a province that could soon lose its ability to pay? (we’re probably at or very close to that tipping point now)

      • WalterBannon

        Kathleen Wynne’s ability to evade criminal prosecution is what needs to be stopped. Her and her paid off OPP union cronies both belong in jail.

  • WalterBannon

    Still waiting from the corrupt bought-off OPP to file criminal charges against Wynne and Dalton over their criminal actions of ordering the deletion of email records for the power plant scandal.

    Not expecting much in this lawless province from this criminal government.