CBC: Not the public’s broadcaster after all

CBC reporters and producers affirming their assumed superiority by churning out a constant stream of intellectual bigotry

With the CBC’s TV ratings down 40% to a specialty channel-like 5% share of viewers even before it lost its NHL contract, according to Canadian Media Research, it’s worth asking again what has gone wrong with the Mother Corp and what should be done about it? The answer to the first question is that it no longer represents ordinary Canadians to themselves in a way they like or even recognize. So when its funding comes under scrutiny, it is not surprising that most Canadians collectively yawn while watching any of the myriad other channels available to them on various media platforms.

  • marty_p

    CBC is obsolete. Other than in rural Canada, their programming has no appeal to mainstream multicultural urban Canada. I once asked a CBC exec (back in the 80’s) who was sitting next to me on an Air Canada Rapid Air flight to Ottawa “Who exactly watches the Tommy Hunter show?” To which he replied “They love him on the Prairies”…. Do CBC execs think because they have Ian Hanomansingh reading the news, or because they had that moronic show “Little Mosque on the Prairies” that they will attract minority viewers in the GTA?

    Like the captain of the Titanic, the CBC execs with their inflated salaries are planning to go down with the ship!

    Jian Gomeshi is simply one more nail in the CBC’s proverbial coffin.

    • CBC popularity in rural and remote areas has nothing to do with a “vote of confidence” from rural people. It has to do with the fact that it’s the only thing you can listen too! Same thing if you happen to live overseas — CBC Radio (shortwave) is the only source for Canadian news. That’s called “information monopoly”, not information appeal — there’s no other choice.

      I’ve long held that the CBC is and has been under the absolute ideological control of the marxist New Democratic Party for many decades. In fact I think I could prove a PhD research thesis demonstrating irrefutably that the CBC is in fact a Front broadcaster for the NDP and has successfully hijacked taxpayer money specifically for that purpose for decades. But I don’t think any University in Canada would approve my research no matter how irrefutable the evidence, and it would be impossible to access CBC archives — the CBC has stronger secrecy practices than even CSIS or CSEC (our top secret communications establishment). Even Parliament can’t access CBC archives!

      Ask yourself a simple question: When was the last time the CBC did any serious criticism or investigation into corruption etc. in the NDP? I can’t remember it happening even once in at least the past 20 years. The CBC would never produce any report that could seriously damage the NDP. Whereas with Conservatives such reports number in the thousands, and although less so with the Liberals they at least numbers in the hundreds. Thousands of anti-Conservative reports over the last 20 years; hundreds of anti-Liberal reports; Zero (0) anti-NDP reports.

      Who owns and operates the CBC? The NDP — with billions of dollars of hijacked taxpayer money.

      (caveat: from time to time the CBC will apparently produce a report critical of the NDP when it is publicly impossible to avoid doing so. But without exception, every single one of those reports finishes with an ample rejoinder from the NDP, from an NDP sympathizer, or transferring blame to another Party, et cetera. And you always come out feeling the NDP were victims rather than perpetrators. The CBC NEVER does that when they are leveling a justifiable attack against the other Parties).

  • JoKeR
  • Linda1000

    I cancelled my cable tv because of CBC as I refuse to pay twice for garbage MSM info. Cable providers must be losing business because they keep sending out surveys for customer satisfaction (Shaw Cable does anyway).

  • cdnmohamhater

    One thing that has gone wrong with the CBC is the constant fawning over Islamicists such as Jihad Ghomeshi who has finally had his long storied, Koranically approved heritage of sexual oppression against women and those under him exposed. What I fail to understand is why no one has made his upbringing under an Islamic heritage mentioned because that is exactly what has made him the pig he is.

  • mobuyus

    cbc assumes Canadian men are hillbillies or pink-shirts and caters to the pink shirted.

  • minuteman

    I actively go out of my way to not watch CBC. If there is a program I want to watch on CBC and another channel, I watch it on the other channel. I got used to listening to CBC radio when I lived in the middle of nowhere and it was all I could get. When I moved to the city I kept listening to it because it was advertising free and all the other stations during morning drive time had so many ads it was pointless to listen to them. It eventually got to the point where I just couldn’t take their Pravda like bull and I put up with commercial radio.

  • ntt1

    Canadas film and TV Production industries are thriving and many award winning series and movies are done here. Canadian technical crews are second to none and are a big factor in attracting Production dollars into Canada, the studio and editing /CGI are strong and well regarded, yet there is no real Camnadian film production. The reason is the leaden overburden of Canadas arts elites .You can spot the complete lack of directorial skill and acting ability in a home grown feature immediately look at complete crap like 22minutes or air farce, would this garbage even get green lit down south?or in any other country? yet it is feted by the same bunch who have crafted the CBC into a pravada like waste of reasources, When you use Netflix to access small foreign markets , you immediately realize how good and strong most any European countries films are compared to the pretentious dreck the Canadian industry cranks out. I am proud of my contribution to the industry yet am embarrased and saddened by the iron grip mediocraty has on the upper eschallons of the arts in Canada