Belgian royals mark the 70th anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge in the Ardennes in snowy weather reminiscent of wintery conditions of the battle

Dressed in black, the Belgian royal family, including King Philippe (pictured), braved blizzards to lay wreaths at the McAuliffe monument in Bastogne, named after the American general who spearheaded the defence


A photo taken of the original, 1944.  Source.

Belgian royals turned out in blustery wind and snow today to commemorate the Battle of Bulge fought between the Nazis and allied forces 70 years ago.

The country’s King Philippe and his wife, Queen Mathilde, threw nuts into crowds of revellers as veterans were pushed in wheelchairs through the streets of Bastogne in southern Belgium.

Well-wishers dressed in GI uniforms to pay tribute to the American divisions which tirelessly defended the 70-mile stretch of woodland in the 1944 battle, known for having been fought under thick, cold mist…

  • Blind Druid

    My Dad was there. Never talked about it. Until one day, when I was in my twenties, over a bottle of good Scotch, he told me about going in afterwards with Royal Engineers Recon, and he wept. Damn. What would he think about these traitors in power today.

  • Paulla

    I’m gratified that the sacrifices of our men are still honored and commemorated today. In the case of the Americans, they left their jobs and homes and crossed the ocean to fight a great evil. May their bravery and sacrifice never be forgotten.

  • Just a thought

    One of my uncles was there. Thankfully he survived. (Thank G-d for that SOB Patton, without whom he may not have?)

  • Hard Little Machine

    Soon Europe will declare the wrong side lost WW2 and call VE day their Nakba.