Bad Idea: Ottawa hasn’t ruled out Iraq extension, Defence Minister says

Islamic State militants have the capacity to build very sophisticated and tricky bombs and so in late November when a farmer near Erbil, Iraq, found explosive devices on his land after jihadi forces fled, he called on Kurdish peshmerga soldiers for help.

The Kurds then turned to the Canadians.

On Nov. 25, peshmerga engineers, coached by Canada’s special forces soldiers, located and disabled six complex bombs – clearing the way for the farmer to return to tending his land in northern Iraq.

This is pointless, the Mid East’s Christians are now history, go back only when and if the intention is to pave over the terrorist nations of the ME.

  • John

    Sorry, compl;etely off-topic, but this is Eric Garner’s grave. A man so loved by his family and community, and doesn’t it just show?

  • Blacksmith

    Definitely pointless

  • mauser 98

    Israeli missile found in Syria after airstrikes
    The discovery of a Popeye missile in Syria confirms Damascus’ claim that Israel carried out strikes on 7 December

    The discovery of the stand-off missile also confirms that Israeli aircraft are not entering Syrian airspace to carry out attacks

    • Yup, they are concerned about what Hezbollah gets their hands on from the Russians and Iran.

  • winniec

    More airstrikes, more snipers, more combat canines. Train the locals to take their own country back. Tell Turkey to cough up or get out of NATO.

  • David

    The conspiracy theories in the comments to that article are something to behold.

    • Alain

      Right you are about that. It is as though someone left the doors of the local urban asylum open. It seemed that one person’s comments were rejected, which to me indicates that he didn’t agree with the narrative.

  • Minicapt

    I still hold that the territory held by ISIS should be declared a Special Operations exercise area, allowing the troops to practice live fire against an un-notional enemy.