Tennessee cop lets Muslim drive off with dead child in trunk – with update

Dead body in the trunk of your car? It’s OK, if you are Muslim.

What would happen to most people if they were pulled over by the police for a traffic offense and in the course of the traffic stop, they announced there was a dead body in the trunk of the car?

At the very least, the police officer would order the driver to open the trunk so the officer could inspect the body. It could be a lot worse than that.

Unless you are in Tennessee and you are Muslim…

UPDATE: The Millersville Police chief said three Muslim men who transported a dead fetus in their car and were briefly stopped Wednesday on an unrelated registration issue, had legitimate documentation with them.

Millersville Police Chief David Hindman said the men were transporting the 15-week-old fetus, whose mother had a miscarriage at a Bowling Green, Ky., hospital..

“The men had a coroner’s provisional death certificate with them, a burial transit permit,” Hindman said. “The mother sadly had a miscarriage and lost her baby. The father, according to the custom of their religion, decided to bury their child theirself”…