Sikh members of the Liberal Party of Canada are quitting in protest of one of Justin Trudeau’s ‘star’ candidates.

  • winniec

    Justin is a jihad enabler.

    • He is an empty headed twit, fear his advisers they fill it with this crap.

      • ntt1

        yes, justin the unready is indeed a sock puppet, as the election nears I hope the media start looking into his advisors and where their income .comes from.

  • Reader

    How dare they question the wisdom of King Shiny Pony!

    All Hail King Justin!

    • Observer

      Justin wants to create a caliphate that will last a thousand years!

      • Drunk_by_Noon

        That’s based in Ottawa!

  • Solo712

    Can’t call the Sikhs ‘racists’ and ‘Islamophobe’, can we now ?

    • winniec

      Yes, you can call Sikhs ‘racist’…they have absorbed the ‘false consciousness’ of the neo-colonialist roaders.
      Don’t you see?…cultural Marxism (Justin’s brand) has all the answers. But it isn’t fascism when Liberals do it.

  • Ron MacDonald

    When are Liberals going to wake up and smell the coffee, it’s no longer the Liberal Party of Canada, it’s the Progressive Party of Canada.

  • Linda1000

    This is politics of the Vancouver South riding. The Sikhs seem to be disagreeing amongst themselves as Justin’s star candidate is viewed as an extremist and a member of the World Sikh Org. which is fighting for a separate state in India and some Cdn. Sikh members of WSO were implicated in the Air India bombing. Anyway 4,000 Sikhs are going to move their support to Harper which is good. More background here.

  • DD_Austin

    Oh hum, Justine didn’t bribe one of his dad’s minorities with enough promises of
    government handouts once elected, hence the squawking until he spreads more
    sikh* patronage chickenfeed.

    Don’t worry, he will

    * How to tell lousy immigrants

    after 40 years they’re still a foreign “minority”

  • Jan Morrissy

    This is good news. If Justin Trudeau becomes Prime Minister I’m (as I’ve said before) heading for the hills with cats and guns. Is this an over-reaction? lol. Maybe but I’m keeping it as an option.

  • Denis George Miller

    they are welcome to support the only political party in Canada that believes in individual freedom, the conservatives!

    • DD_Austin

      Right, thats’ why we still have the CHRT on the taxroll, individual freedom

      The Conservatives are just a slightly less idiotic bunch of shits than the
      liberals, neithier one of them represents anyone but the people promising
      them board positions when they “retire” for screwing us before they are
      forcibly retired.

      Western modern parliamentary democracy = Plutocracy not democracy

  • Sean

    They may just quit the LPC but there’s no way the Sikhs are voting PC. There are nowhere near enough freebies in a PC gov’t for them. The NDP just garnered a few extra votes here is all, nothing to see.

  • ntt1

    I’m torn on this issue ,in surrey we have large blocks of sikhs voting only for sikhs,because those candidates will vote according to racial/religious considerations. the same thing is growing in Richmond where chinese candidates are standing for political parties that only cater to chinese issues. Can we have diversity in politics? how do you prevent the growth of ghettos? This is a direct out growth of multiculturalism and proves that naysayers were dead right.