Pakistani Mullah Allama Tahir ‘Doughboy’ ul-Ashrafi appears drunk as a skunk on Live News

There are no subtitles, but one can hardly make out what drunks mumble about anyways so it won’t matter.

You’ll easily identify him during the interview. Both the TV hosts struggle to keep a straight face…

Bonus vid at the link.

h/t Marvin

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He seems to be ignoring just the ban on alcohol, but information I found here: The Sunnah manner of eating, which by coincidence appeared in my inbox: “The Holy Prophet (May Allah send peace and blessings upon him) expressed dislike for over-eating and said that over-eating is ill luck and misfortune. In other words, a person who over eats will be followed by such faults and defects that he will have difficulty and hardship in every place and people will look at him in a bad way.”