Open eyes to Islamist threat

We are confronting a global terrorism problem and for the most part that threat emanates from Islam.

Whether we are talking about attacks in Ottawa, Fort Hood, New York, London, Madrid, Libya, the Philippines, India or across Iraq and Syria, the common thread is Islam and Islamacism.

Yet 13 years after 9/11, with countless victims piled up on the altar of Islamacism, some people cannot stand to hear that there is any connection at all.

Right now in Parliament a Senate committee is studying security threats to Canada.

Over the past two weeks both Tarek Fatah and Salim Mansur have appeared before this committee. Both men are Muslims, both men have spoken out against radical Islam and claimed there are problems in some of Canada’s mosques.

That’s a message some people don’t want to hear.

Liberal Sen. Grant Mitchell, a non-Muslim, challenged both men…

  • Co-existing with Ted Bundy or Jeffrey Dahlmer would be easier, even preferable.

  • mobuyus

    islam is like a metaphysical mobias strip with moderates on one side of the strip and radicals on the other.

  • humph!

    PROBLEM: Terrorist actions are NOW being sectioned off under different categories.
    ie… Lawfare, Criminal etc….
    What does this DO to the terrorism stats? …
    makes excuses NOT to deal with the REAL situation!
    Same as the unemployment stats really… diff categories = EI, Welfare, Disability, money in-the-bank but no job, 2nd Career, etc
    smoke & mirrors
    for what?????? … jobs, egos, $$$$$$…

  • Barry the Black Panther

    Perhaps the good Senator, would like to live in Afghanistan when he’s not ‘working’.

  • Linda1000

    Well, we can thank former PM Paul Martin for appointing Mitchell to the Senate. Who knows how many “gems” are still there from Chretien and maybe Trudeau Sr. We really need to change the method of appointing candidates to the Senate and Supreme Court. In fact the appointments should not be “life terms” and subject to some form of term elections. Didn’t Harper want abolish the Senate altogether a few years back but was met with all kinds of howling from the usual pack of opposition coyotes.

  • CMH

    Thank you for finally exposing the fact that this asshole is actually on the committee tasked with ROOTING OUT ATTACKS AGAINST CANADA !!!! Please do more exposing of this committee and the harm they are actually doing to Canada.

  • Alain

    Excuse me but the sole source of the global terrorist problem is Islam. There is no other group or ideology practising terrorism on a global scale. Furthermore terrorism is just one of many methods used to infiltrate and subjugate non-Muslim countries, and the other methods are every bit as deadly and dangerous.