Mention of Israel banned at Irish national Holocaust memorial

The organizers of Ireland’s Holocaust memorial event have banned any mention of Israel at the county’s annual ceremony and fired the event’s host for the past 12 years because of his objections, the British Jewish Chronicle reported Thursday. The Holocaust Education Trust Ireland, an independent nonprofit organization, runs the annual national Holocaust Memorial Day, which will be held next month in Dublin.

Before this year’s memorial day event, Yanky Fachler who was to host the event, was told not to refer to the Jewish state or the State of Israel during the event, the Jewish Chronicle reported. Fachler lodged his objections with HETI, and after 12 years of hosting the event was fired.

  • tom_billesley

    They are certain that it’s allowed to mention Jews?

    • Only if no Muslim is present.

    • Exile1981

      Most likely they are going to mention that Palestine is a holocaust victim.

  • Etobicoke Gladiator (EG)

    The “Sid Ryan” effect?

  • winniec

    Do the mad Irish have to behave mad on every public occasion? Can’t they stifle the madness for an hour?

    • Achmed

      They are not mad.

      We have promised they could rule themselves as part of the Great Caliphate as long as they pay the jizyya.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Any holocaust museum in Ireland should be shut down. There’s no point in it.

    • Pete_Brewster

      The reason Ireland didn’t murder its Jews was that they’re weren’t enough Jews to make building a gas chamber practical.

      As it was, plenty of Nazis died rich and happy as guests of the Irish nation.

      • I know tarring Irish people with the same brush makes you a shoe-in for the Jack Chick Award but all that does is exposes your vile contempt and your inability to do basic research. Eamonn de Valera, rather like the above cowards, was a tidy little fascist but people like Mary Elmes and Cardinal Hugh O’Flaherty risked their lives to save Jews:

        As for your precious inbred Ulstermen, these are the same sort who cave in to the Jew-hating Muslims right now. Mark Steyn is right: your England is done.

        • Pete_Brewster

          There were a few righteous Gentiles in every nation, meriting recognition and honour. They did not call the shots in Dublin. The Teeshock did.

          Regarding basic research, Teig emigré newspapers are invariably cheerleaders for Sinn Féin. Irish Central is an even less reliable source on Irish affairs than the Grauniad.

          Oh, and by the way, Ulster has been spared Islamization for the most part—a major reason being they’re not afraid to tell the world’s detritus to move on. Stars of David fly proudly throughout loyal Belfast beside the Union Jack.

          • And once again you hang yourself with the slur “Teig”. Germans who risked their lives to violate Hitler’s genocidal whims were also not calling the shots. Yad Vashem doesn’t care. (It’s Taoiseach, by the way.) That is why it honours Mary Elmes. It was the Irish Catholic Daniel O’Connell who forced a repeal of the special dress English Protestants forced English Jews to don and who could forget that admiration the British upper-class had for Hitler before the Second World War? But these are beside the fact.

            What is at issue is your pig ignorance about the Other, that being Irish Catholics, and the state of Britain now which has capitulated time and time again to Islamists. How many sharia-zones are there in England? How would the July 7th attacks have been handled had they taken place in everyone’s favourite fashionable dictatorship, Russia, or any east Asian nation? Whatever made Great Britain great is gone. All you’ve got left are those mythical Ulstermen who still think that they are calling the shots in Bradford, London, Rotherham or even Belfast.

            Continue with your fantasy if it makes you feel better but the world really has changed.

    • No.

      Build more of them until these idiots get the point.

  • Pete_Brewster

    Ulster stands with Israel. The Free State will fall with Amalek.

    I hope I live to see it.

  • Just for that, take out a billboard and write ISRAEL in huge letters.

  • DavidinNorthBurnaby

    Once (not *if*) the Muslims get their way, it will be haraam to mention the Irish at any public occasions in Ireland.