Mass polygamy in UK

Polygamy is being practised on an “enormous” scale within the British Muslim community without any official attempt to stop it, it has been claimed.

In some cases the women, often born abroad and brought to the UK for arranged marriages, are unaware about their true status for years on end.

… Aurat, a Muslim women’s rights group based in the West Midlands, interviewed a sample of 50 women about their personal situations. Nine in 10 of the women described themselves as married but only one in 10 were in marriages recognised under English law having been formalised through a civil wedding or a ceremony in a Mosque registered for the purpose.

Many of the others had undergone a “Nikah” or marriage ceremony in their own home, often unaware that it lacked legal recognition.

h/t peterj

These women are so vibrantly integrated that they know nothing whatsoever about the most basic aspects of British law and culture.

  • winniec

    If you would lie to a woman about her marriage, you could not be trusted in any matter whatsoever. The propensity to lie seems so prevalent and acceptable in Islam that we must assume Muslims are lying about practically everything and therefore, we must impose a reverse onus on Muslims, i.e. to prove they are telling the truth. We cannot trust men who would deceive like this! They are the worst scoundrels.

  • steel

    The women pander to the sperm maker.

  • Sir Barrington Minge

    British goats are getting nervous…form pressure group….more soon….

  • Achmed

    Polygamy is permitted by the Q’uran.

    One wife is too few.

    Two wives and they are always arguing as to who the favorite is.

    Three wives and two are always ganging up on the best looking one and you will get no peace after a hard day of jihad.

    Four wives are perfect.

    Five or more wives and you will usually get caught for the welfare fraud.

    • Good thing you can whack your missus with your miswak! Otherwise it’s always with the yak yak yak, and the spend spend spend….

  • Hard Little Machine

    If the government can figure out how not to go broke in 12 months once they legalize polygamy (Muslims only, thank you) they will legalize it. I suspect the government will also lower the age of consent (again, for Islam only) to 12, at first with 9 or 10 being the ultimate target.

    I’m not even kidding.

  • David Murrell

    I guess if the corrupt British police can turn a blind eye to 1,400 rape cases in Rotherham, they can certainly overlook mass polygamy. Enforcng British law no longer done, these days.

  • roccolore

    More excuses for Muslim welfare mooching.