Guardian: Gay marriage doesn’t equal equality. Here are 5 things still to fight for

The legalisation of gay marriage and this week’s change in the law that allows lesbians and gay men to convert a civil partnership into a marriage have been viewed by many as pinnacles of our liberation – signs that inequality and discrimination have been consigned to the past. This is not the case.

Never has there been such a wide chasm between social attitudes and the law on lesbian and gay issues. Now we have total legal equality with heterosexuals, it is clear how education and awareness-raising aimed at the gay and straight communities has been neglected. So long as two women kissing in a trendy London venue can be told to stop because it is a “family restaurant” – as happened just last week – it remains obvious that, for some, our relationships are not seen as “normal” or familial.

Other pieces of legislation that have been introduced to achieve normative change, such as those to criminalise drink-driving, smacking children, smoking in public and sex discrimination in the workplace were preceded with public awareness campaigns as to why such laws were necessary. But equal marriage was introduced without much placard waving. It was more of a polite conversation between the campaigners and the legislators…