Guardian: Gay marriage doesn’t equal equality. Here are 5 things still to fight for

The legalisation of gay marriage and this week’s change in the law that allows lesbians and gay men to convert a civil partnership into a marriage have been viewed by many as pinnacles of our liberation – signs that inequality and discrimination have been consigned to the past. This is not the case.

Never has there been such a wide chasm between social attitudes and the law on lesbian and gay issues. Now we have total legal equality with heterosexuals, it is clear how education and awareness-raising aimed at the gay and straight communities has been neglected. So long as two women kissing in a trendy London venue can be told to stop because it is a “family restaurant” – as happened just last week – it remains obvious that, for some, our relationships are not seen as “normal” or familial.

Other pieces of legislation that have been introduced to achieve normative change, such as those to criminalise drink-driving, smacking children, smoking in public and sex discrimination in the workplace were preceded with public awareness campaigns as to why such laws were necessary. But equal marriage was introduced without much placard waving. It was more of a polite conversation between the campaigners and the legislators…

  • G

    “it remains obvious that, for some, our relationships are not seen as “normal” or familial.”

    Wow, junior! You get it!
    I was a at a Christmas dinner party a few years back just after the Social Engineering Court of Canada decided we didn’t need democracy in this country and rammed homo marriage down our throats.
    My wife and I were unfortunately seated near a repulsively fat and opinionated lefty who was gushing on about this “victory”.

    I remarked that simply because some rich queer pays an elitist asshole lawyer to make a pronouncement doesn’t make it a REAL MARRIAGE. My wife and I were recently married at the time and our marriage was REAL.

    Fatty lifted her nose and sniffed that if the courts say it’s a real marriage then it’s real.

    I responded that the courts also said that O.J. Simpson wasn’t guilty.

    The silent, furious glare I received kept me smiling for hours.

  • Mal

    I’m thinking that it wouldn’t be humane to the bird to line its cage with the Guardian.

  • T.C.

    Whenever I read about this kind of thing it reminds of Ernst Rohm, leader of the S.A. He was the 2nd most powerful Nazi after Hitler and was openly (and sadistically violent) homosexual – something that the Nazis seemed to accept as part of the new order during their rise to power. Accepted, that is, until Rohm and his homosexual cohorts, who weren’t satisfied with what they had, started pushing their agenda. Then even the Nazis discovered they didn’t like gays.
    When a interest group comprises less than one % of the electorate, they should be careful about who they piss-off. Recent municipal elections in Nanaimo are one small example.

  • Minicapt

    Problem #1: Homosexuals are boring.


  • DMB

    The gays want to have orgies in public as the next step to “equality”.