Germans love EU but question free movement – now there’s a surprise

A poll from YouGov released on Thursday showed that while Germans still believe in the European project, they share other nations’ worries about free movement of workers.

The pollsters asked people in the UK, Germany, France, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway a series of questions about the European Union (EU).

If there were a referendum, 55% of Germans said they would definitely vote in favour of staying in the EU, compared with 43% of French people and just 38% among the British.

That made them the most favourable towards the EU of any of the countries surveyed, with Denmark the only other country with an absolute majority definitely in favour at 51%.

But Germans were just as worried about immigration from other EU countries as the British, with just 27% of residents in both states believing it had a net positive effect on their respective countries.

While similar numbers of Brits and Germans agreed on positive effects of immigration, including filling labour shortages in highly-skilled and low-paid jobs, the two countries shared concerns about immigration too…