Fjordman: Is a Country Merely Empty Space?

Fredrik Reinfeldt was Prime Minister of Sweden from 2006 to 2014. His center-right coalition government suffered a defeat in the general elections of September 2014. Allegedly conservative Prime Minister Reinfeldt stated that the native Swedish culture was merely barbarism; everything good was imported from abroad. He said this in 2006 following a visit to the town of Södertälje, near Stockholm.

In September 2005 a police station in Södertälje was hit by shots from an automatic weapon, following a confrontation between aggressive immigrant youths and the local police. The trouble started after a Swedish girl was called a “whore” and reacted negatively to the epithet.

If a leading politician had said that African, Asian or Islamic culture was “merely barbarism,” there would have been a huge public outcry and calls for his immediate resignation due to “racism.” His career might have been over. Yet disrespecting and mocking the traditions of Europeans is apparently no problem.

Suburbs in Stockholm and other Swedish cities were rocked by major immigrant riots in the spring of 2013. There are fears that similar riots could return at any moment. The underlying problems have not gone away. Despite this, the ruling elites stubbornly reject any suggestion that mass immigration should be curtailed…