Ed Driscoll: Rolling Stone, The New Republic and ‘shattered glass, then and now’

“…what increasingly looks like Sabrina Rubin Erdely’s media fabulism in Rolling Stone magazine, and how it bears a strong resemblance to the earlier fabulism of the New Republic’s infamous Stephen Glass from the 1990s.”

  • Phillip McAllister

    It is “advocacy journalism.”

    Look what Maureen Dowd has done for Hollywood. It’s truly a shame that the North Koreans have had to turn on the lights for the rest of us to see the elitist crap that spews from the media these days.

    • That is a very interesting story North Korea has introduced us to.

      • Phillip McAllister


        So shameful that the curtain had to be torn aside by the Korean Communist weasel with the Napoleon complex but, there you have it and there is no un-ringing this bell. It’s just amazing watching these liberal Hollywood elites twist and turn in the light of public scrutiny as they deny that these words they wrote in private are, in fact, words they believe in. They plead with the likes of Jackson and Sharpton that they are not “racists.” Please. They are ALL racists, and it’s ALL about money.

        I am not advocating this kind of breaking and entering. It’s a scoundrel’s task. But what is revealed is revealed. There is no “technicality” clause here, where the criminal is set free because someone didn’t read him his Miranda rights.

        Ordinary people need to know that Hollywood and the NYT and every other elitist media and entertainment organization is out for CONTROL or their minds. And, while they’re at it, they’re going to make tons of money.