Dear Feminists, This Is What Misogyny Looks Like

First, a classic “social justice warrior” whining:


Now check out the counter-point…

  • lou lou

    Tim Blair is a closet misogynistic journalist..

    His unconscious Id is projected in his frightbats posts.

  • Barry the Black Panther

    Imo, some of the very worse misogynists I have ever met and known of can be heterosexual, gay, lesbian and other orientation based gender feminists. In their myopic world, a woman’s worth is based exclusively on their political leanings; in other words fiscally conservative, ethical and Real women are worthless and not worthy of any rights at all … And they’re actually proud of their ‘stance’. What do they call people incapable of shame or guilt ?

    • David


    • winniec

      Political heretics must be sent to the Gulag!

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    I’m an uncle, and I resent that, being #1 on that list. Sorry, but the younger generation is sadly uneducated, especially concerning History.

  • Solo712

    As May West would say today: “Is that a gun in your pocket or just your general hostile attitude to women ?”.

    • winniec

      Bill Cosby isn’t a misogynist because he’s in the designated victim category of cultural Marxism. Feminists look the other way when ‘designated victims’ abuse women. They only complain about misogyny if white men do it.

  • winniec

    How about the kind of misogyny that lights women on fire with kerosene because they have become ‘too Westernized’?