Creeping Sharia: Burqa bank robberies spread to Ohio

Islam, contributing to the very fabric of…crime in America.

WOODLAWN, Ohio (Angela Ingram) — A gun-toting bank robber picks an unusual disguise during a holdup; a burqa, traditionally worn by women.

Although the suspect was wearing a burqa, witnesses were able to get a look at his face. Investigators hope that, along with video from inside the building, leads them to a suspect.

A man wearing an outfit traditionally worn by women walked into Kroger in Woodlawn Tuesday morning. There’s a Fifth Third Bank branch inside the Kroger. Witnesses said, at around 10a.m. the man held up the bank with a silver revolver.

Asst. Chief Aaron Tillman of the Woodlawn police dept. said, “It was reported that the individual entered into the bank and was in the back of the bank area where only employees are authorized to be and demanded money and brandished a weapon”…