Canada’s extremist problem

I was one of you. I was a typical Canadian,” John Maguire says in a recent propaganda video released by Islamic State, a jihadist group that controls large chunks of Syria and Iraq. In it, he stands in front of a shattered building and holds an assault rifle.

“I grew up on the hockey rink, and spent my teenage years on stage playing guitar.”

Maguire is not so typical anymore. But nor is he unique. The Ottawa-area man, identified in the video as Abu Anwar al-Canadi, is one of about 130 Canadians the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) says are now fighting with banned terrorist groups overseas.

  • Etobicoke Gladiator (EG)

    Approx. 130 less jihadists in Canada… Good news to read with my morning coffee. Let’s hope they never return!

    Now, if only we could permanently ban all Muslims from conquering colonizing immigrating to Canada! Thank you, government, for the multiculturalism and enrichment you’ve brough to Canada!

    • There are more, even CSIS and the RCMP have admitted they can’t know the real number. The problem is much bigger than we all can know I suspect.

      • Etobicoke Gladiator (EG)

        I have absolutely no doubt you’re right. As well, there exists the very large elephant in the room, i.e. the enthusiastic to luke-warm support for ISIS and sharia law and polygamy among large segments of our domestic “Canadian” muzloids.

      • Justin

        Most of those converted Yuths in the West who are joining the jihadists are disillusioned with life in the West, a life that cannot over anything beyond materialism, sex and jobs. Those Yuths are so disillusioned and so depressed with the meaningless and materialistic life in the West that they are ready to join those barbaric jihadist killers! Canada and the West should seek ways to address those underlying causes other wise this will only continue and will even intensify in the coming years. I don’t expect IGNORANT Western leaders and their clueless academia and clergy will ever address this because they themselves have NO clue!

        • winniec

          MAGUIRE was NOT disillusioned. He had it all and threw it away!
          And I assure you, the clergy aren’t clueless about jihad. They don’t have the knowledge of Islam to respond. Islam is a slippery eel, Jus.

      • winniec

        I speak to these guys on the street and know there are more jihadists than that in one CITY! For every male jihadist, there are ten men and women who quietly support him!

        • Etobicoke Gladiator (EG)


  • Barry the Black Panther

    Every ‘army’ needs logistical support, for the new anti-terror force to say there are only 200 jihadis is either gross incompetence or much worse, probably more like at least 2000. RCMP’s new counter-extremism program has clearly closed the barn doors – after the horses took off. Imo, all the honest and forthright RCMP officers and their families that are claiming to have been thrown under the bus are onto to something real and tangible.

    • We can thank our politicians and the federal bureaucracy for opening the floodgates to Islam. I am not sure if they are incompetent or evil, perhaps a combination of both, either way they must be held accountable for what amounts to an attack on Canada.

  • Maurixio Garcia S

    One less idiot here in Canada,a drone will take care of him.

  • mobuyus

    maquire was never one of us.The only stages he played guitar on were in church basements.He was also considered “straight-edge”meaning no drugs or booze and that’s not rock and roll.He’s gone from holy-roller to head roller.Born again looser.

    • I figure you have to be mentally unbalanced to sign up for the Moon God cult.

    • Raymond Hietapakka

      “straight edge”…”no nourishments” means that he didn’t fit in with most of the students…that’s a true sign he was an outsider to begin with. The “Straights” are the anomalies, nowadays…

  • winniec

    “I grew up on the hockey rink, and spent my teenage years on stage playing guitar…and I support Justin Trudeau, the stealth jihad enabler.”

  • Denis George Miller

    you mean there is 130 less canadians in the world now. so sorry, NOT!

  • DavidinNorthBurnaby

    I see a future for this guy as PM Justin’s Heritage Minister, doling out all that arts-fartsy grant money, with his rock star and jihadi resume. Perfect fit.