Canada considers prioritizing religious minorities in Syria refugee resettlement – or do we?

An Iraqi Christian, who fled from her home because of Islamic State’s advance earlier this year, hangs up washed clothes to dry besides a displaced persons’ camp near Umm al-Nour Church, which is now home to hundreds of displaced Iraqi Christians in Erbil, Iraq. December 11, 2014

This article from CBC leaves the situation unclear.  First it states:

The federal government is seeking to resettle more Syrian refugees but only from the country’s religious minorities, according to sources close to discussions around Canada’s position on refugees from the war-torn nation.

Canada has been struggling to meet an earlier commitment from July 2013 to resettle 1,300 Syrians by the end of this year.

Statistics tabled in the House of Commons last week, showed 457 refugees had arrived as of mid-November.

Further on:

In a written reply to questions from CBC News, Menard reiterated Canada’s commitment to help Syrians since the start of the crisis…

In the email, he did not respond to specific questions asking whether Canada is seeking to put restrictions on new Syrian refugees — limiting them to religious minorities.

Last week, at a news conference urging Canada to answer the call from the UN’s refugee agency with a generous response, the secretary general of Amnesty International Canada, Alex Neve, questioned Canada’s commitment.

“There are many who have raised the concern that if this was not a large population of Muslim refugees, would we be seeing a different response,” Neve said. “I do not want to believe that that is all at the heart of why we’re seeing such a miserly response from Canada. But because there is no other explanation right now that hangs there.”

Menegakis rejected the suggestion by Neve.

“We totally reject that comment. It is ridiculous and I am not going to dignify it by discussing it any further,” Menegakis told CBC News.

I suggest we all write our opinion to our MPs on accepting refugees: no more Muslims, we have enough.