Broken Trust: The High River Gun Grab Fallout

The magnitude of the flood that raged through High River, Alberta in June 2013 surprised a lot of residents, even in a town which by its very name has obviously had its share of overflowing water.

In just a few hours, hundreds of millions of gallons of water rushed through the town of 13,000, 40 km south of Calgary. There was so much water that even neighbourhoods two kilometres away from the Highwood River – neighbourhoods that had never flooded before – wound up one to two metres underwater.

  • Mike

    So much for the forces of law and order.
    We’re on our own now, folks.

    • ntt1

      worse than that we have an openly hostile government sanctioned body acting against us.

      • Mike

        Almost all government bodies are openly hostile.
        Try to run a business, walk around with a crossbow, sell raw milk, let your kids mow lawns for a few bucks, or buy 100-watt incandescent lights.

  • ntt1

    As a British Columbian,my opinion of the RCMP is already pretty low given the number of unarmed restrained civilians that have died in custody,
    the lesson learned from high river is that the police cannot be trusted ever again.
    I would also like to point out that Sun News is the only media still looking into this episode, all others have meekly allowed it to drop. This will happen again,and worse unless those responsible are removed entirely from policing or politics if that is where the orders came fro,

    • mauser 98

      other media are AWOL …shows their agenda

      • Dave

        Pertaining to media, I read someone’s description of mainstream media, which made me laugh.
        Here it is: “They are the dried up effluvium on the side of a toilet bowl after a
        hyper-promiscuous gay dude who ate Thai food and had been taking
        bareback loads all night in a bath house empties his bowels in his
        morning after haze. They make me cringe. They make me rage.”

        • mauser 98

          Churchillian repartee

  • Exile1981

    The only way the RCMP could have gone to just the houses with guns is if they had kept an illegal copy of the long gun registry files which they were legally mandated to destroy.

    Look at the peoples whose homes were entered and searched for firearms. These were only the people who had them registered under the old LG registry. Those who bought their first gun after it was scrapped were not searched and homes that used to contain gun owners who had moved away were also searched.

    Give it another 10 years and the illegal records of the RCMP will be nearly useless; unfortunatly shiny pony will fight as PM to bring the registry back.

    • Art

      This program should be placed on Youtube so tjhat the world will know about these crimes.

  • LogicBomb

    It must be called *High River* for a reason…