Bring down the wall — and the occupation

Coffins had different “decorations” including this celebration of murdering 4 religious Jews. Source: Elder of Ziyon

As a committed Jewish person and global citizen, I found several aspects of Rabbi Shimon Moch’s article published in the Journal’s Offerings column Dec. 6 to be problematic.

I agree with Moch that the separation wall that divides Israel from Gaza indeed segregates both peoples to the point that there can be no effective communication between them that would lead towards a just and lasting peace. However, Israel is the country that built the wall, and as such, Israel has to be the one to bring it down.

Israel’s separation barrier along the West Bank, which snakes into occupied territories effectively annexing Palestinian lands and resources, not only separates Israelis from Palestinians. It also separates Palestinian families from one another; Palestinians from their farmland; and in the case of Qalqilya, an entire Palestinian village is completely surrounded by the wall. The International Court of Justice ruled that the separation barrier is illegal, yet Israel continues to construct it with impunity…

(Edmonton Journal)

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    And that is supposed to make the Israelis want to take down the wall?

    • Frau Katze

      It turned up in my alerts right after I posted the one on Hamas from Elder of Ziyon. The contrast was too great to resist.

      Sure, you don’t need a wall, you’ve got peaceful neighbours like Hamas.

  • DMB

    Israel leaving Gaza to the control of the palestinians under Hamas was the worst mistake they have ever made. Building the security wall was one of the best decisions they have made. Israel needs to correct there worst mistake not one of the best decisions.