B.C. revokes consent for Christian law school

B.C.’s Minister of Advanced Education has revoked his consent for the proposed law school at Trinity Western University.


How much you want to bet these same opponents will go to bat to incorporate Sharia law into our legal code?

  • David

    carbon taxes, stymieing pipelines, now this. At this rate I may just quit voting.

    • I have begun to feel the same way about Ontario, the province is run by the unions who are determined to bankrupt us.

  • New Centurion

    The rights of Christians have been sacrificed on the altar of Big Gay. The “tolerant” left has once again shown it’s intolerance towards anyone or group who dares to think contrary to the narrative. It’s tragic how this country has been brow beaten in to believing that the sexual proclivities of a minority of people are somehow intrinsically important to the operation of every aspect of our society.

  • Ron MacDonald

    And which party is governing British Columbia?

    • Rosenmops

      Liberals. I don’t vote provincially. I hate them all.

    • DavidinNorthBurnaby

      It doesn’t matter, the alternative is the NDP. 🙁

  • Rosenmops

    The Law Societies want to make sure that all new lawyers are leftists who want to agitate for illegal immigrants or native land claims.

    • DavidinNorthBurnaby

      Yes, nests of socialists are just fine. A Christian-oriented outfit? Not so much. “Diversity” never includes points of view.