UK: Elderly sprayed with drugs at cashpoints and robbed: ‘Asians involved’

And what part of Asia are these people from? It covers a lot of territory.

Criminal gangs have been targeting pensioners at cashpoints, spraying them with a knockout drug then robbing them when they need to sit down, police have warned.

Several elderly people have fallen victim to the scam in the Home Counties, but it is feared that it could be happening across the country.

In a series of attacks the victims have withdrawn large sums of money then felt uneasy as they walked away from the cashpoint and needed to sit down.

Whilst sitting down they were approached by two women who offer to help them remove a sticky substance from the back of their heads which police believe is some form of drug applied to make them feel uneasy.

In the confusion, the victim loses their money…

…Two Asian women, dressed in dark clothes, came up and acted in an ‘animated fashion’, say police…

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