Shocker in the UK! Home Office granted citizenship to people with ‘very poor immigration histories’

Violent foreign thugs have been granted British citizenship on a ‘no questions asked’ basis due to errors by borders bureaucrats, an official report has revealed, prompting David Cameron to apologise for “extremely regrettable” mistakes.

One immigrant was given British citizenship although he admitted stabbing someone to death in his home country, after an official neglected to read his notes.

The Prime Minister said the decision to grant citizenship to the man who knifed someone to death was “extremely regrettable” and added that the Home Office was working to withdraw his citizenship.

The report sampled only 179 files, raising concerns that thousands are slipping through the net.

Yvette Cooper, the shadow home secretary, accused Mrs May of burying “bad news” and attacked “serious failures” by her department. The reports were delivered to the Home Office several months ago, but published the day the Prime Minister and the Labour leader Ed Miliband made major speeches…

h/t Marvin