Secularism damages religious life in Turkey, says top religious body official

Globalization and secularism have “changed and damaged” religious life in Turkish society, a senior official from the Directorate General of Religious Affairs (Diyanet) has said, citing a recent survey about religion in Turkey.

“People’s loyalty to religion is high. But it should be expressed that different curriculums and education systems, the pressures of secularism, and particularly the globalization that Turkey is experiencing, has changed and damaged the details of society’s religious life,” Necdet Subaşı, the head of the Diyanet’s Strategy Development Department, told the “5th Religion Council” in Ankara.

“The data confirms this. Some 67.5 percent of Turkish society says it is ‘very sensitive in religious matters,’ while the rest are confused and have a destination problem,” said Subaşı, citing a recent survey conducted by the Turkish Statistical Institute (TÜİK) for Diyanet.

The survey, titled the “Religious Life Survey,” gave conflicting results about religious behavior in the country.

An overwhelming majority of respondents, 99.2 percent, described themselves as Muslim, while 98.7 percent of respondents believe that Allah exists…

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