OPP seize government e-mails in gas plant probe

OPP investigators probing allegations that former senior aides in the Ontario premier’s office destroyed government documents have searched a Toronto building for their e-mail records. A search warrant obtained by OPP Det.-Const. Andre Duval allowed investigators into the offices of the Ontario provincial government cyber security branch on Jarvis St. last month. The warrant allowed the seizure of the entire e-mail mailboxes and back-up tapes of former chief of staff David Livingston and deputy chief of staff of communications and strategy Laura Miller. Both Miller and Livingston have previously stated through lawyers and in person at a government committee investigating the $1-billion cancellation of gas plants that they were not involved in any wrongdoing.

  • winniec

    They God Ontario has one of the finest police forces in the world. I hope they catch these villains who squandered our money by cancelling the gas plants so they could save one or two Liberal seats. Very partisan, unnecessary and we’re all paying now. They should go to jail.

    • They should be.

    • Clausewitz

      I wouldn’t hold my breath. For the past 11 years the OPP have been nothing more than a political wing of the Liberals. Just ask the folks in Caledonia.

      • Barry the Black Panther

        Spot on, and here the Legion and DND honours them while they abuse our vets ! Total douchebags imo

      • will winn

        and now in Ipperwash

        • Clausewitz

          Ipperwash is more than a decade old, it’s just the MSM has totally ignored that story.

  • ontario john

    As the liberals will point out, the whole thing is just too complicated for the police and voters to understand. Just like how the transportation minister said everything is going fine on the highways today. And we have great pride parades now.

  • Linda1000

    Wynne is not impressing Harper these days either. She is desperate to meet with him to ask for more money for ON.
    Harper has also recently said the Ontario government should focus less on “confrontation” and more on getting its fiscal house in order. Ontario has a $12.5-billion deficit the government has said will eliminate in 2017-18, while Ottawa is banking on a $1.6-billion surplus for 2015-16.”

  • Alain

    I find it interesting that this is only being done now instead of prior to the last election. Will this be Caledonia at the provincial level?

    • Worse.

    • Clausewitz

      Caledonia ‘was’ at the provincial level.

      • Alain

        I stand corrected.

  • ntt1

    I have no dog in this fight, BC being BC means there is plenty of foolishness to contend with on our own soggy doorsteps . But can the opp really be trusted to investigate that issue? after all they are probably one of the most politicized police forces in Canada.

    • I agree, but I can’t name a police force that isn’t politicized, at the end of the day all political parties and the public service unions, of which the police are members, are united in a common cause, treating the people that pay for their lifestyles as the enemy.

  • mauser 98

    unbiased investigation?

    OPP union openly supported Wynne in last election
    McGuilty gave OPP secret pay raise in 2012
    bread meet butter

  • bo canut

    It’s all Harper’s fault.

  • None of this matters if Wynne doesn’t go to prison.

  • Wayne Warren

    Why now the raids by the OPP as they just gave the Liberals even more time to destroy any evidence of their dishonesty and deceitful lieing to the taxpayers and citizens of Ontario. The OPP’s actions delayed as much as they have been somehow shows their complicity in this scandal. Records that were held by the Liberals should have been seized right away with a court order as their sure as hell was enough evidence back originally when this blew up to do so.