Madrid’s so-called shocking Roma slum shames Spanish capital

Just 12 kilometres (seven miles) from downtown Madrid, hundreds of Romanian Roma are living without running water or toilets in conditions that are almost third world, a lawyer working with the community has told The Local.
Madrid’s El Gallinero neighbourhood is a world away from the bustling streets of the city centre. Rubbish litters the streets while armies of rodents and insects infest the temporary shacks that make up the slum.

The area is home to around 300 Romanian Roma children and their families in conditions that “represent a grave violation of their human rights” according to the charity Save the Children, which has just published a report on the area together with the Family Institute at Madrid’s Pontificia Comillas University.

Just some of the basic human rights violated include “the right to a decent home, water and sanitation as well as to social assistance, education or healthcare”, according to the report…

If they don’t living like that, why do they do so? No, I am not buying the ‘prejudice’ angle — there are now people from all over the world living in Europe and I refuse to believe that Roma are unique victims of prejudice.