ISIS and Syrians unsurprised by ‘light torture’ described in CIA report – but will use it as propaganda

ISIS prefers ‘tougher’ methods, like crucifixion and threats to carry it out.

In the sinister propaganda videos produced by the jihadis of Islamic State, their western captives have regularly been dressed in the orange jumpsuits familiar from scenes of the US detention camp at Guantánamo Bay – before being beheaded.

The point is an obvious one: what Americans inflicted on Muslim fighters will be inflicted on Americans and Britons who fall into their hands.

The latest revelations of torture and abuse by the CIA in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks are not news to Isis, al-Qaida or other extremist Islamist groups. But they have been instantly incorporated into the narrative of “Crusader” cruelty – and may be used to justify similar methods as well as to promote recruitment.

“Read [the Senate report] my brother and stick your shoe in the mouth of those who say that the Islamic State distorts Islam,” one Isis supporter tweeted. Another, a Syrian, wrote: “Getting beheaded is 100 times more humane, more dignified than what these filthy scumbags do to Muslims”…

Releasing that report now was insane.