Have Democrats Failed the White Working Class?

Is a the US pick-up with Confederate flags the same as the UK white van with St George’s flags?

Why don’t white working-class voters recognize where their economic interests lie? Somewhat self-righteously, Democrats keep asking themselves that question.

A better question would be: What has the Democratic Party done for these voters lately?

At work and at home, their lives are worse than they were a generation ago. Their real incomes have fallen, their employment opportunities have diminished, their families have crumbled and their ties to society are fraying.

This is how daily life feels, to many in the white working class. Unlike blacks and Hispanics, whites are not the beneficiaries of affirmative action programs designed to open doors to higher education and better jobs for underrepresented minorities; if anything, these programs serve only to limit their horizons.

Liberal victories in the sexual and women’s rights revolutions – victories that have made the lives of many upscale Democrats more productive and satisfying — appear, from the vantage point of the white working class, to have left many women to struggle as single parents, forced to cope with both male defection from paternal responsibility and the fragmentation of a family structure that was crucial to upward mobility in the postwar period.

This bleak view emerges from two recently published works, “Labor’s Love Lost,” by Andrew Cherlin, a professor of public policy at Johns Hopkins, and “Was Moynihan Right? What Happens to the Children of Unmarried Mothers,” a research report by Sara McLanahan and Christopher Jencks, sociologists at Princeton and Harvard, respectively.

Both works address broader subjects than the partisan allegiance of working-class whites, but each illuminates the interaction of economic and cultural forces driving these voters away from their New Deal home…

  • simus1

    Emperor Barry’s DemocRats have also not done the black working class employed outside government any favours for a considerable period of time. Well, except perhaps for wealthy black plaintiff lawyers.
    The native born working class of both races has failed the revolutionary fervour test put in place by the elites of many countries. That is why they are being stratified on the bottom off to one side and more energetic and eager newly arrived participants from the third world are being sought to get the red flags and green flags waving and the mobs marching.

  • Pete_Brewster

    The Democrats did not fail the white working class. The Democrats betrayed them. Big difference.

    Please note how the Democrats did all in their power to stop the shale oil bonanza, precisely because it offered working-class whites a chance at good jobs for good pay in the private sector.

  • ed

    here in the uk only ! an indigenous “anglo saxon” Englishman has the right to fly the cross of st George . that is why the left-tard multi culturists hate it . they have demoted the Englishmen and women to white british ! even though you can only be british if you are anglo saxon or celtic [ ed uk]

  • mauser 98

    Democrats & Republicans destroyed white and black working class… NAFTA & GATT
    amnesty will be last nail
    open season on middle class

  • lgeubank

    When all the pundits were touting NAFTA and other redistributionist treaties, they
    promised us prosperity, jobs, and massive exports. Now that their promises have fallen through, they’re reduced to “cooling the mark” — placating the victims of their con game.

    Thanks to their brilliant theories, we have abandoned (to a large degree) the
    production role. Our economy is stagnant, because there’s nothing
    left here to grow. Our factories, jobs, and productive capital are in other countries, growing there.

    We produce little, we consume much, and we borrow to cover the difference. Our “produce in China, sell in the West” policy is good for the corporation’s profits, and it’s good for the consumer’s access to cheap goods. It does however crush the economy as a whole.

    • Raymond Hietapakka


      • simus1

        Canadian softwood exports to the US never exceeded 10% of American consumption. What the imported Canadian product was meant to do as far as large American buyers/homebuilders were concerned, was to cap the asking price buyers needed to pay for all available material nation wide.

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    I was taught that there was basically 1, one big thing that held together the whole “capitalist” economic system. The word was “Trust”.
    Trust that you could turn your back on a worker, walk away for a couple of hours, come back and he’d still be there…working.
    Trust that when you paid a supplier, you were going to get what you paid for.
    Trust that when you paid a civil “servant” to manage for a group, when we’re off busy, they’d be working FOR us.
    All that Trust is now gone.
    …and with it, everything else that unifies us as a society and culture. Now, we’re just a pack of taxed rabble.

  • Freedom

    A little something I wrote :

    ★Why Americans deserve new leadership in Washington★
    In 2 months the US treasury took in a record 404 billion dollars in Taxes
    In those same 2 months the US treasury spent 583 billion dollars
    We spent 179 billion more than we took in.
    How many of you can spend a lot more money than you earn and not think that is a major problem?
    Also keep in mind 47 % of Americans do not pay federal tax….
    How long do you think ½ of our population that work will want to support the other half?
    Total US debt has increased from 10 trillion in 2009 to 18 trillion today by the time Obama leaves office the US Debt will be 20 trillion. In 8 years he will have doubled the US debt.
    We need responsible honest leadership in America. (Something we do not have at the present time)