Dear White People: Well-Meaning Paternalism Is Still Racist

Due to recent events that have occurred in Ferguson, Missouri, and now, in New York regarding the wrongful and tragic death of Eric Garner, there has been great debate and dialogue about racial disparity, the plight of the black community, and the challenges we often face in America when facing prejudice and discrimination.

As a black woman living in America, I am very pleased to see my white counterparts taking this issue head on and doing so with a desire to rectify injustices that are often perpetrated against the black community.

At the same time, I feel it prudent to put to rest this fanciful notion that some of those same white people have, namely that treating us with kid gloves is somehow noble or desirable. It is not. It is racist…

You cannot win. You are always a racist.

  • sheryl

    Apartheid time.

    your side, our side.

  • Pete_Brewster

    Well-meaning paternalism is the only reason she doesn’t live in Liberia.

  • Ilikeherintegrity

    SHE is right.
    Now let’s get on with equality
    We both agree.
    I am accountable for my actions and so is SHE

    The protests are racist
    The Policeman has a RIGHT to defend himself against an aggressor.
    Claiming racism in order to get away with criminal behaviour is shameful!

  • Minicapt

    If only she had mentioned Barry, Eric, Al or Jesse …


  • ntt1

    Time to discuss the other side , black racial hatred of all whites, they radiate hatred then are hurt when whites avoid their negative presence

  • Hard Little Machine

    We’re not patronizing you the CORRECT way, it seems.

  • jayme

    On one hand th say we want equality but on the other hand they want every company by law t have so many jobs for blacks some have said 50%.

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    …”wrongful and tragic”…”great debate”…”injustices often perpetrated”…Hmmmm, I’m not feeling any mandatory crackerguilt yet…am I breathing wrong?

  • mobuyus

    To show true equality, Obama is disolving the 1st world into the 3rd world.The left will be happy when the west looks just like an African shit-hole and they can minister to the denizens from their gated communities and compounds,and be treated like gods by their lessers.