‘Canada is Indian land,’ new chief declares

WINNIPEG: The new national chief of the Assembly of First Nations is warning it will no longer be business as usual when it comes to development on First Nations land.

In a fiery speech to assembly delegates in Winnipeg on Wednesday, Saskatchewan’s Perry Bellegarde singled out pipelines and energy development as one of the frontlines in his battle to put First Nations on equal footing with the rest of Canada.

“To the people across this great land, I say to you, that the values of fairness and tolerance which Canada exports to the world, are a lie when it comes to our people,” Bellegarde said. “Canada will no longer develop pipelines, no longer develop transmission lines, or any infrastructure, on our lands as business as usual.

“That is not on”…

…”Canada is Indian land,” he said. “This is my truth and this is the truth of our peoples”…

To be fair then, the Indians will be happy to forego any European inventions and live as their ancestors. Right? If Europeans are so evil, you certainly don’t want to use their filthy ideas and technology.

And then there is the fact that now Canada is multi-cultural. Are the Indians going to become hostile to our new arrivals from all over the world?

They have not given this much thought. Should the Celtic residents of the UK start huge demonstrations in Germanic countries — the Anglo-Saxon invasion is well documented. And don’t me started on Vikings.

Truth is, we are all from Africa and have been fighting with each other over land since time immemorial. Even our nearest relatives, the chimpanzees, fight over land. You win some, you lose some.

h/t Marvin