Al Qaeda release ISIS-style HD video message blaming Obama for death of hostages in Yemen

Claim that they tried to negotiate with White House three days before ill-fated raid

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    If your negotiation tactics get your compound stormed by a friggin’ SEAL Team, and team Allah machine-gunned by team infidel, then maybe you are doing it wrong.

    Time for a bit of introspection Mr. bearded dude with a funny hat!

    • ntt1

      I guess its considered islamic to resemble a soup plate with a fringe aroud it

      • winniec

        They want to look like Mohammed who used henna on his grey beard. LOVELY! Yukh. But they forgot to remember that when Mohammed was assassinated, everyone around him knew he was ‘insane’ or demon possessed (or both).

        • ntt1

          how do they know what mohamed looked like?after all they butcher anybody silly enough to draw him so mohamed may well have had red bushy hair, white complexion with a bulbous red nose and shot water/camel piss out of his butonier, if they henna their hair it can only be in an attempt to emulate the red locks of the clown of medina.

  • ontario john

    See, it has nothing to do with islam.

  • Blacksmith

    It was the white huts fault alright they dithered around and did not get these people out sooner and leave a pile of bodies behind. There needs to be brutal repercussions anytime someone is taken hostage they take one we take out 100, that is the only way to stop it.

  • Just a thought

    “It is Obama’s fault that we are all raving homicidal anti-social lunatics.”
    No, I think it’s more that you and he are pathologically desturbed in your own unique ways.

    • winniec

      Islam is mass sociopathy.

      • Just a thought

        I’ve known that for about 40 years now, before they were even on most people’s radar. The thing I’m most disappointed with is that so many others haven’t a clue, even after they’ve caused so much trouble for everyone.

  • Clausewitz

    Ah, the “Look what you made me do” defense. Seems to be a consistent meme from these murderous a-holes. I’m guessing that maybe the full body bag covering by Muslimas may ‘not’ be a political statement, but more of a necessity around the uncontrollable urges of these 50 IQ morons.

  • winniec

    Of course, what’s the point of having hostages if you don’t shoot a few in cold blood once in a while so people believe in your threat?

  • Barrington Minge

    Just worked out why the end of his beard is yellow…It’s goat-shit..he must have come straight from a huffing session!!

    • Just a thought

      Muckmudd the perverse (SPIT) allegedly dyed his beard that color with henna. If you see a muslime with a beard that color, know he’s a fully committed psychopath.