Why do you think Al Qaeda has failed to attack US in 13 years? CIA chiefs launch vehement attack on torture report, accusing Senate of ‘cherry-picking’ evidence in ‘one-sided and error-strewn’ inquiry

Six former CIA Directors and Deputy Directors have launched a scathing attack on the Senate, accusing it of ‘cherry-picking’ evidence for a report claiming agents tortured Al Qaeda suspects.

Branding the inquiry ‘one-sided and error strewn’, the ex-officials argued that the CIA’s interrogation program in fact ‘saved thousands of lives’ by leading to the capture of senior Al Qaeda operatives.

Among the terrorists killed as a direct result of the controversial techniques, the former officials said, was Osama Bin Laden. This claim contradicts earlier statements that suggest ‘enhanced interrogation techniques’ had no role in tracking down the late Al Qaeda leader.

  • Achmed

    We thank Allah, the 60’s and LSD for liberal Democrats!

    • mobuyus

      Democrats are to weak minded to have survived even 1 dose of 60’s or 70’s acid.

  • mobuyus

    Let’s see how many people Obama gets killed for his newest attempt at crocodile feeding.

  • Pete_Brewster

    Not to mention that even if all the fish stories in the report were true, and weren’t fiction or wild exaggerations dreamed up by the world’s best taqiyya artists, they would have amounted to a pinprick compared to what most of the terrorists deserved or had to look forward to in the other world—never mind what they would have cheerfully done to Americans if roles were reversed.

  • Gary

    Watch this backfire on Pres Obola when the reports reveals that several Shia Mosques in the USA were saved from Sunni islamists that had a plot to bomb each one during Friday prayers.
    Don’t forget , it is CAIR that coaches Sunni muslims to not help the FBI uncover terrorism plots or islamists in the USA. CAIR makes it sound like a Civil Rights issue when it just might be a Sunni terrorism Iron Curtain paid for by the Saudi weasels that are now buddies with the Jews because Iran is a shia nation .
    Once iran is done with, Sunni’s will go back to hating the jews and spreading their whahabi Sunni version of islam.