What’s Wrong With Our University Presidents?

Teresa Sullivan, president of the University of Virginia, said all the right things when fraternity members at her school were accused of gang rape: she followed the PC playbook and nobody could fault her for missing her lines. She automatically assumed guilt, and was fast off the mark to let everyone know that the university opposed rape and stood with rape survivors (as if that was ever in doubt).

She didn’t wait for the facts, she dropped the presumption of innocence, and ran with the hounds.

  • Jason

    “What’s wrong with our university presidents?” They used to be students and professors at those same universities.

  • roccolore

    She better hope UVA doesn’t end up like Duke

    • It’s already there, potential lawsuits may arise.

  • just a thought

    What ISN’T wrong with them?

  • Norman_In_New_York

    There is nothing wrong with our university presidents that an audit of school finances can’t explain.

  • Xavier

    There’s a real problem developing with schools being police force, judge, and jury and not reporting incidents – or alleged incidents – to the proper authorities. Schools are trying to protect their image and in doing so, subverting justice.

  • Hard Little Machine

    This is why we should at least consider bringing back single sex universities. But more importantly, the issue here is, as it should be for any accusation of any crime, NOT a matter that administrations should be permitted to become entwined with at all. Ever. Schools are not the tools to investigate and prosecute crimes. Crimes which, even where the school finds someone TO charge, the penalties are different from the penalties where if the crime was committed literally across the street off campus would invoke serious prison time. Things are either crimes or they are not. There’s no third category of “things these rascally young people do in college that we can deal with on our own because either they’re really still children or, in our role in loco parentis we’ll treat them as such.”

    Are there as many rapes in college as there were per capita during the West Africa Rape Wars? No, there isn’t. Do people assault one another and force themselves sexually on one another? Yes of course they do. Just like outside of the college. Do young men and women participate in underage binge drinking which lowers their ability to make good decisions? You betcha. So why are colleges allowed to give themselves the chore of ‘handling’ sex assault claims while at the same time ignoring underage binge drinking of the very same victims in violation of the colleges own policies?

    Colleges can and do even warp and pervert any plausible solution by engaging in something I call ‘dual track justice’ which is even worse, by the morally ambiguous standards of the colleges themselves. Here is how it works. They set out rules and guidelines and then ‘promise’ students that violating these rules will be handled internally albeit students could be expelled but they would not face criminal charges. Then what the colleges do is they outsource campus security to the town police force, who’s under no obligation to respect the college’s weird rules so if they roust someone for public drunkenness or weed or some kind of domestic ‘dispute’ they are free to arrest whomever they want AND violate the 4th amendment search and seizure at the same time. So the students are lead to believe that under most circumstances breaking ‘the law’ results in nothing serious but the cops who enforce the law have a different set of standards. And then the students discover in the case of a public university, in most US states, crimes committed on state owned property can carry with them an automatic additional 50% higher penalty in terms of fines or jail time. And the colleges get to wipe their hands asserting they did nothing wrong.