Vigilance 101 – how to see and report terrorist activities

After being threatened by terrorists for years, Canada is now being hit by lone wolf terrorist attacks inspired by the Islamic State of Iraq & Al-Sham (ISIS) and by the ongoing jihad against non-Islamic countries.

Authorities are warning all Canadians to be vigilant, that if citizens see something they must say something because lone wolf attacks are difficult for police forces to track and prevent on their own.

  • ontario john

    Here’s a thought. Stop bringing muslims into the country you morons.

    • Gee funny how the authorities never mention that solution.

  • Brett_McS

    Be Alert!
    Your country need lerts.

  • Brett_McS

    Even the police in the UK are feeling the consequences of the ‘diversity’ they have so diligently enforced on the populace:

  • G

    Ring Ring!

    —-Hello, officer? I was doing some door to door charity canvassing and saw through a window this middle eastern looking guy with a bunch of guns laid out on a table and what looked like a pipe bomb.

    —-“Middle eastern looking guy? You racist!

  • winniec

    ‘Self-directed’ is a better term than ‘lone wold’, because I don’t believe they are ‘alone’ in that sense. The independent jihadists are in fact in touch with others and cannot do their ‘martyrdom operation’ without support and training. They are probably all in some sort of cell group and even receiving instructions from overseas. IT IS VERY FOOLISH TO UNDERESTIMATE OUR ENEMIES. CANADIANS ARE PRESENTLY UNDERSTIMATING OUR ENEMIES.

  • Achmed

    Please don’t report any suspected terrorist activity for at least a year until after the federal election.

    Then we will have Justin as our Prime Minister and you can report all suspected terrorists as such activities will then be eligible for cultural grants under the Minister for Multiculturalism. Join Team Trudeau today!

  • Gary

    The UN has a list of 7 “Terrorist Producing Nations” , Canada allows immigration from 5 of them. Our security is now in the hands of the Keystone Kopps that play basketball with Islamists, chum around Pro-hamas/ISIS Imams , speak at Conventions hosted by the hamas-linked CAIR , let Muslim Brotherhood members join the Forces , and do squat when Muslims go on the CBC TV or radio to boast about how Canada wil be an islamic States one day with sharia law because muslims are out-breeding all other groups.
    The Toronto Police ( TPSB Alok Mukhergee ) responded to the 5 honouring-killing deaths to muslim women for NOT wearing the Hijab by now allowing the Hijab for the Uniform to recruit pro-sharia Muslim women with Hijabs.
    Nice one Alok, you allowed pro-hamas Imams to hold prayers in a Police station as part of Diversity, you allowed Halal compliant lunchrooms in Police Stations to force non-msulims to practise islam by-proxy , and finally you post a image on facebook to demonize Cops in the US by the 500+ deaths by Police gun shots but didn’t have the brains to ask how many of the dead were criminals with guns about to kill women and civilians.
    Since 9/11 we have let in about 600’000 muslims of which the Liberals think they are all the peaceful ones because they don’t believe that evil exists on Earth and when we had 2 muslim terrorists kill people in October, the Leftists and Liberals painted it as a mental illness by unemployed drug addicts.
    But still, islamism can make you unemployable, it attracts those with a mental illness, and people can get addicted to the hatred in the quran and be driven to kill the unbelievers for allah. So the NDP had it partly right, they just could link islam and the quran.