‘The whole city is shocked’: bare-legged woman in Kabul goes viral

The young woman is barelegged, wearing only socks. Afghani journalist Hayat Ensafi who took the photos said the woman was walking very quickly and did not speak to him when he tried to engage her in conversation.

“The whole city of Kabul is shocked,”

h/t Suzanne

  • Girón

    The absurdity of this. We really need to know what kind of mindset we are allowing into our country calling themselves immigrants. The men, sex obsessed.

    What are they fleeing from? Collective repression.

    • Our government is now too afraid to ask those questions openly and if Trudeau gets in such thought crimes will be punished by law.

  • Clink9

    50 years ago this was a normal scene. As the west totally caves in to these animals, this is what it’s come to.

    Very true what Bin Laden said about the weak horse, strong horse.

    This girl has more guts than the British Police that won’t wear their uniform off duty.

    • Linda1000

      Women in Kabul – 1960s. Pic from Wiki.

    • Yes she does.

  • Linda1000

    “HOT LEGS” – Watch Tina Turner and Rod Stewart. Second song from about middle of video.

  • union

    Exactly, more guts than the British Islamic Army.

  • truepeers

    Why does it look like she has a cross on her hood?

    • Better not be. The last church in Afghanistan was destroyed several years ago.

  • Xavier

    By tomorrow, 16 women suspected to be her will be stoned.

    • Clausewitz

      Her next appearance in print will sadly be in the Obituaries.

  • James Hamilton

    Looks like she’s not wearing any shoes, either.
    Running from her captors?? Perhaps.

  • Canadian

    The nerve!