Palestinian minister dies after being hit with tear gas by Israeli troops

A Palestinian Cabinet member died shortly after a West Bank protest Wednesday in which witnesses said Israeli troops fired tear gas at him and dozens of Palestinians marchers.

Witnesses also said the Cabinet member, Ziad Abu Ain, was beaten by an Israeli soldier.

The Israeli military said it is looking into the report and had no immediate comment.

  • Mark

    The Allies would have celebrated killing Himmler, Goebbels or any other Nazi cabinet minister. Israel should do no less.

  • Oracle9

    MSM gives his murder of two teenagers a mention as a footnote in some articles. This terrorist finally got his due.

    • Reminds me how badly we need to have a death penalty!

  • Just a thought

    What a shame! …that more of them don’t end up like him.

  • Hard Little Machine

    He was killed by his bad hairpiece.

  • Mickey Oberman

    He had severe health problems including high blood pressure and a low IQ.
    By attending that demonstration he killed himself.

    Mickey Oberman

  • Etobicoke Gladiator (EG)

    Good riddance.

  • simus1

    The Israeli rifle butt knew it was in the presence of evil and reacted in the correct way.
    Well done.

  • The so-called “witnesses” are Palestinian. The IDF believes he may have had a heart attack and is investigating. “Channel 10 reporter Roy Sharon – who was standing next to Abu Ain at the time – says he did not see him struck.”

    Please remember Palestinian rumors and accusations against Israel start immediately every time there is a death. In the case of the bus driver, found hung in his own bus, even the Palestinian coroner agreed it was a suicide. Yet Palis rioted and went into a synagogue to murder 5 people, believing Israelis killed a man who actually killed himself.

    It is similar to Ferguson, where conflicting “witness” accounts were all people needed to draw their own faulty conclusions and turn to violence.

  • Zaba

    Another perspective:
    The Blue Glove and Ziad Abu Ein
    In this video documenting the incident near Adei-Ad, see the blue glove:

  • mobuyus

    Cry me a a river of tear gas.

  • ed

    no tear gas used .I`ve seen the footage , he died from “screaming mus-tard syndrome” !!!

  • disqus_W6sfZCiOd8

    Every now and then there’s some good news.

  • T.C.

    Didn’t Mo die when Allah cut open his aorta, just like this fellow?

    • Zaba

      Apparently he died some years after his slaughter of Jews at the Khybar Oasis. He had been poisoned by the widow of the leader he beheaded;
      it was slow acting poison……