New Scotland Yard, storied London police HQ, sold to Abu Dhabi

Dec 9 (Reuters) – New Scotland Yard, the headquarters of London’s storied police force and one of the British capital’s most famous landmarks, has been sold to an Abu Dhabi investor, paving the way for its macabre but private museum to open to the public elsewhere.

The 20-storey block in central London is famous around the globe as the home of the Metropolitan Police Service and for the rotating triangular sign in front of it nicknamed “the revolving cheese” by local wits.

The Met, as the service is often called, is as well-known for its role as Britain’s leading police force as for its links with famous fictional sleuths such as Sherlock Holmes.

The sale, for 370 million pounds ($580 million), is part of a trend that has seen well-known public buildings sold in recent years to tap soaring real estate prices.

The building, which sold for 120 million pounds more than the suggested price, will be transformed into luxury flats.

The transaction paves the way for a remarkable collection of artefacts — from the ricin-filled pellet fired from an umbrella to kill Bulgarian dissident Georgi Markov on a London bridge in 1978 to cooking pots used by a serial killer to boil up his victims — to go on public display.

They had previously been housed in a private invitation-only “Black Museum” at New Scotland Yard but will now be moved to a new public museum in a location that has yet to be chosen…

  • Chatillon

    Is this where infidel British culture will be interred, or will it be exposed to the elements and scavengers as per standard Mohammedan respect for the infidel dead?

  • Etobicoke Gladiator (EG)

    Well, rich muzloids need to live somewhere in the United Islamic Kingdom. *sigh*

  • Achmed

    The British elite already sold out to us years ago!

  • simus1

    Wonder if the new digs will have its own mosque and a complementary staff of inspector grade sheikh and imam “chaplains”.

    • Etobicoke Gladiator (EG)

      You can count on it!

  • Pete_Brewster

    Now if you thought the bobbies dragged their feet on Muslim crime before, wait till Abu Dhabi bugs the place from top to bottom.

  • Raymond Cameron

    Is Buckingham Palace for sale too?

  • I thought Qataris bought it. Will it now be the London branch of Muslim Bros?

  • Hard Little Machine

    Did they buy the cops too?